University Initiatives Portfolio Board

The University Initiatives Portfolio Board leads on the governance of change projects at the University. It has oversight of initiatives that involve a significant change for a large number of staff or students, as well as visibility of large projects in ISG, Estates and SRS.

The Board has been created in response to feedback received from you during the recent Review of Strategic Change to provide a fresh approach to how we manage and deliver change. Its members recognise trust and goodwill in large change projects has been eroded by previous initiatives and are committed to working together to build on the lessons learned from that experience.

The Board will lead on a fundamental shift in approach, putting our people at the heart of everything we do and committing to engaging with and listening to what our community has to contribute.

You can read more about our work through the links below. Please contact any of the Board members if you have comments or questions – we welcome your feedback.

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Learn about the current range of initiatives overseen by the University Initiatives Portfolio Board.

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Find out who's on the Board and read the Terms of Reference.

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Scheduled meetings of the University Initiatives Portfolio Board.