Staff scholarships

Each year Corporate Services Group (CSG) sets aside a sum to contribute to the cost of certain scholarships or study programmes.

All staff currently employed within CSG, including its business units, are eligible to apply but should note that these awards are competitive - applications will be reviewed by a Selection Panel.

Eligibility and criteria

Scholarships are available to support employees who wish to study part-time (usually at the University of Edinburgh) or undertake vocational qualifications.

Each scholarship covers up to 80% of the full cost of tuition fees. Awards will not cover other costs such as bench fees, programme costs, research costs, examination fees, matriculation fees or continuation fees.

Candidates may only submit one application for a CSG staff scholarship award in any one year.

Applicants will need to highlight, for the consideration of the selection panel, the benefits the applicant and CSG will derive from the course of study or qualification.

For more detailed information on the awards and how to apply, please download the application form.


University of Edinburgh Staff scholarships scheme